About Us

Welcome to Digieats. 

Digieats has been built to get your business delivering. We want to empower restaurants through technology. We have founded our platform around three ideas:

Affordable to use -  We want to provide a platform where every one wins. Digieats charges 17% plus a 3% card processing fee for our partners to use the platform, helping them make sustainable business out of delivery. This will in turn support and help grow LOCAL BUSINESS, empower DELIVERY DRIVERS and give CUSTOMERS a great variety of safe premium delivery options to support. Creating favourable results for all.

Select premium partners - Digieats is aiming to approach the best partners in each category of restaurant, grocer, deli and pharmacy to make the app an attractive value proposition for everyones customers. We have 8 years of experience in running digital kitchens and want to work with our partners to help them set up drivers, delivery systems and best safety practices to offer the customer the best experience possible.

Delivery technology - Customers are looking for the most convenient easy to use software to make the ordering, payment and tracking of their delivery as fluid and intuitive as can be. Digieats does just that. Digieats has a ready built solution that will allow you to give your customers a seamless world class online ordering experience, manage your orders and drivers in real time as well as an easy to use back end interface to build your menu and manage your business details.  

We believe that consumers are looking more and more to convenance as a way of life and that your business needs to be able to offer a great on demand delivery service to keep up with these evolving needs. Digieats is your solution.