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How It Works

  • Download the App, it is awesome!  Download the App, login and get ordering
  • Choose a business to order from We are busy loading the best delivery partners onto digieats
  • Track Your Order and chill Sit back and track your driver in real time.

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Delivery Magic

Delivery Technology

Customers are looking for the most convenient easy to use software to make the ordering, payment and tracking of their delivery as fluid and intuitive as can be. Digieats does just that.

Select Premium Partners

digieats is looking to enlist the best partners in the restaurant, grocer, liquor store and pharmacy categories, we curate the best vendors who because of our low commission structure commit to offer you in store pricing. Working with this tranparent model we are able to secure the best delivery drivers offering everyone the best business and customer experience from the digieats ecosystem.

The Virtuous Cycle

We want to provide a platform where everyone wins. Digieats charges 3 % plus a 2,6% card processing fee for partners to use the platform, helping them make sustainable business out of delivery. This will in turn support and help grow LOCAL BUSINESS, empower DELIVERY DRIVERS and give CUSTOMERS a great variety of safe premium delivery options to support. Creating favorable results for all.